The Best Way to Contain A Crisis? Practice.

It takes most colleges and universities a generation or several to build their reputations. How long does it take to potentially tear one down? Less than an hour, in many cases.


Protect and Preserve

Our proven framework and decision-making process will create institutional confidence and avoid long-term mission impact and protect brand reputation.


  • “The hands-on, situational crisis was invaluable. I believe the simulation really put us in the heat of the moment to allow us to see how we would react in a situation/crisis.”

  • “Most conferences of this type focus on theory. In our positions we need practical guidance & instruction. The 10 step process helps us work through our issues back home”

  • “Outstanding! Learned a great deal of practical “hands-on” information. Been to several workshops/conferences that only presented theoretical info—this we will be able to easily adapt and apply”