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Best Practices for Strategic and Operational Decision Making for Higher Education Institutions During an Emergent Crisis

College campuses increasingly find themselves dealing with some of the most challenging and divisive issues in the country. Political speakers with extreme views, racial incidents, criminal activity with Greek life and athletic department mismanagement have all placed institutions in the national spotlight. The damage to an institution’s reputation influences prospective students, donors, and faculty as well as existing faculty and staff, and, most importantly, your student body and their families.

Successful response to any emergent situation requires a framework and process that is accepted and understood by the institution’s senior leadership team. College presidents should expect to receive immediate and effective advice during a crisis.

We offer a framework and an established decision process used by the military that we adapted to encompass the responsibilities of the senior leadership team and the presidents of higher education institutions during a crisis. Our senior executive team has real-world experience in both military and higher education crisis. We bring a record of proven performance and positive outcomes at the strategic and operational level to help you enhance your risk mitigation as you prepare for the inevitable. Our decision process and framework have produced positive results during numerous national level crises and have been shared with more than twenty community colleges and universities nationwide.