A hands-on, experiential workshop that provides practice for the inevitable crisis that every institution will face

  • Be able to quickly make informed and effective strategic and operational decisions with imperfect information that will define your institution for years to come.
  • Learn to operate with confidence in a very dynamic and closely scrutinized environment while maintaining normal college operations.
  • Regain the initiative in telling your story, owning your narrative, rather than having others define your institution and its actions.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Recognizing and reporting a potential crisis and staying ahead of the crisis decision cycle.
  • Determining the right people to be on your Crisis Action Team.
  • Selecting a Crisis Action Team leader who will lead successful outcomes.
  • Leading your institution through a crisis when time is your enemy and information is imperfect.
  • Determining key points along the crisis continuum where senior leaders must make critical decisions.
  • Crafting your initial press statement—you must get this right.
  • Responding effectively to an ongoing or recent crisis and ensuring that normal college operations continue.
  • Managing and keeping your board informed during a crisis.

What to expect

  • Capstone role-playing workshop:
    • Making decisions in a stressful and time-constrained environment
    • Writing your initial press statement when the media already have your story
    • Dealing with vocal and unsatisfied constituents while trying to manage the crisis
  • Framework for outlining Crisis Action Team response during and after an emergent crisis
  • Hands on development of your Crisis Action Team and team leader
  • Demonstration of a proven method for synchronizing your crisis action events and your normal college operations